Myriad enjoys a great Alberta/BC tour!

  • Myriad enjoys a great Alberta/BC tour!

    In May 2012, Myriad left Toronto for the first time to tour Western Canada.  In the summer, the trio plans to record their debut album, to be released in November.

    Myriad was an accident.

    Chris Donnelly, Dan Fortin, and Ernesto Cervini had never played together until a few substitutions and a twist of fate put them on stage together for the first time in late 2010.  Since then, the trio has been making music in every jazz club in the Greater Toronto Area.

    The band is a true collective.  Each member acts simultaneously as a leader and a sideman.  They play mostly original music that features different aspects of jazz improvisation, ensemble playing and contemporary composition.  Myriad is modern jazz, meets classical, meets pop, meets Oscar Peterson.

    You can check out some live performance videos on Youtube!